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Zerg Fast Mutas 2. Starcraft II HotS Build Order Guides | Zerg - Fast Mutas. Der deutsche Zergspieler Marvin Roof Gebhart zeigt uns einen Weg, schnell auf Mutalisken zu kommen. 21.06.14. Anwendung. Dieser Zerg Build, der vom deutschen Profispieler Roof vom Team NewRoSoft konzipiert wurde, gibt dir einen schnellen, aber riskanten Weg, um auf Mutalisken zu kommen. Am effektivsten ist dieser. Nice move from zerg, they play muta and not their op comp against terran untill the next patch so they will not be nerf next patch. After the patch they will stop playing this comp and they will win every tournaments again. Zerg pro players play mutas in TvZ because : General Discussion. Thyphoon-2333 23 April 2020 10:34 #1. Nice move from zerg, they play muta and not their op comp against. They are used literally in all 3 Zerg matchups and we just saw on GSL RagnaroK defeating a superior player like Maru with Muta build. Just tired of seeing Diamond Zergs on these forums complaining Mutas are weak and fishing for buffs wanting to amove their Mutas into straight armies like they do with the Banelings. 12 Like

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ich weiß nich was ich als zerg da bauen soll. Zuerst habe ichs mit den Fliegenr probiert, da wurde ich von Thor überrannt. gegen den protoss ging ich von.. Zerg - 10 pool into mutas; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Seite. Zerg Build Orders . All Zerg; ZvP; ZvT; ZvZ; Co-op; Favorite Builds; Railgan ZvT - 3 Roach Opener 2021 - Allin Version Created by railgan , Updated Jan 18, 2021: ZvT: All-In Easy 98% 55 votes: 9798 Views The Chadray Annihilator - Queen-Ling Nydus Created by PiG , Updated Jan 12, 2021: ZvP: All-In Medium 100% 27 votes: 3536 Views The German Taxi - (Queen Rav Ling Dropperlord) Created by hushang. Most Zerg vs. Zerg games do not advance past the midgame stage and lair tech. Currently, Zerg vs. Zerg is focused on getting as many Mutalisks as fast as possible while being able to maintain Mutalisk production. Zerglings are generally ignored in this match up past the early game because their effectiveness drops off as Mutalisk numbers increase Zerg players have the hardest time countering Mutalisks. Even after the Spore Crawler buff, which causes Mutalisks to take a lot of extra damage, mass Mutalisks remains popular in ZvZ. Hydralisk: Hydralisks can handle Mutalisks, but it is not a landslide victory. They need +1 range to be effective against Mutalisks

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  1. imal losses to a number of rush waves.. My problem is that once I have enough resources to start massing advanced units I just don't know what to do!. Just as an example, lately I've been experimenting with loads of Mutas and a bunch of broodlords but getting obliterated by massed Hydras
  2. g: 12 - Hatchery @ Expansio
  3. Hat man jetzt die Mutas vertrieben, kann der zerg switchen und man steht mit einer sinnlosen Einheit mehr da. Während dessen hat der zerg genug eco und bases. ArroWILionS. Jun 27, 2009 1,280 0 0 29 Zug www.team-arrow.ch. Jan 12, 2012 #8 Sch***s unit viel zu schnell, ich denke wenn die Geschwindigkeit generft wird nur ein bisschen sieht es schon viel besser aus, denn sobald ich raus aus der.
  4. The mutalisk is the zerg primary air-attack unit in StarCraft. 1 Overview 2 Abilities 3 Upgrades 4 Development 5 Images 6 Notes 7 References The mutalisk's attack strikes three targets in succession, dealing 9 damage to the first, 3 to the second, and 1 to the last. Unlike many other air units, the mutalisk is small with light-type armor, making it more resistant to explosive damage, a common.
  5. g Corruptors are the zerg's premiere air to air fighting unit and fail to consider the pros of using mutalisks to counter mass VR. VRs are large and corruptors only get a bonus to massive. Corruptors are armored units and take twice the damage that mutalisks take against VRs. Now I'll compare Mutalisks vs Corruptor in cost,damage.
  6. Vs Zerg: Most zerg battles will be either big roach battles or zergling/muta battles (explained later). Who ever can get the most roaches out quicker will most likely win. You will have to watch out if the opponent is going for mutas, scout their base as see if they have a spire. If they have a spire, you will need to get a Hydralisk Den up quick and crank out Hydralisks to counter them. You.

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  1. Konkret geht es darum, mit Zerg 2 Basesn zu bauen und im Midgame (das heisst in der Mitte, nicht am Anfang), mit Mutalisken, gepaart mit Zerglingen bzw. Speedlingen (Zerglinge mit Speedupgrade) den Gegner anzugreifen. Im Video könnt Ihr das Ganze auf Schlag nachverfolgen. Auch wenn Ihr es nicht direkt hinbekommt, Übung macht den Meiste
  2. /600 gas. JieXian Profile Blog Joined August 2008. Malaysia 4534 Posts. December 25 2020 13:44 GMT #10. On December 25 2020 05:23 TornadoSteve wrote: Pretty much what Koget said imo. One thing that Soma does extremly well is the
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  4. g, PC, Starcraft 2) 1.0 Einleitung. Das Ziel dieser BO (Buildorder) ist, den Gegner mit frühen Mutalisken zu überraschen. Nachdem der Schössling fertiggestellt wurde, werden sofort 5-6 Mutalisken gebaut, die die Mineral Line des Gegners angreift. Durch die Schnelligkeit als Flugeinheit, hat man mit Mutalisken eine.
  5. Zerg vs. Terran Macro 4. Build Order . Opening. Wir beginnen mit einem einfachen Speedling Opening. Mit den 4 Lingen wollen wir den Reaper aufhalten Dronen zu töten. Wir müssen versuchen die Linge zu behalten, damit wir später erkennen können ob er ein 2tes CC gebaut hat und ob er auf Hellions geht. Außerdem verteilen wir unsere Overlords so, dass wir später in die Base vom Terran.
  6. Zerg cannot win in the late game: They have three air-combat units: mutalisk, corruptor, and brood-lord. The Protoss have the void-ray, oracle, tempest, carrier, mothership, and phoenix. The Terran has the battlecruiser, banshee, raven, valkyrie, and liberator. Thats 3, 6, and 5 air-combat units respectively. While the oracle and raven need to do something to attack, ie charge or drop a turret.

Starcraft Diary #4 - Dealing with the Zerg swarm: Broodlords / Mutas. Posted on April 10, 2012 by dky1. The Zerg late-game is probably one of the toughest scenarios to play against. There's nothing quite like that feeling when you march your army towards your Zerg opponent's base and your leading stalker is struck by a flying broodling. As someone who has fought Zerg in the bronze league. What's the earliest time (as in exact timing of how long it takes) a Zerg player can have mutas, and the build order to pull this stunt? Any help appreciated! starcraft-2 starcraft-zerg sc2-build-order. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited Mar 3 '11 at 5:04. Mana. 21k 30 30 gold badges 107 107 silver badges 179 179 bronze badges. asked Nov 12 '10 at 13:10. JohnIdol JohnIdol. 803 1 1.

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For Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled If the zerg goes mutas How do the Zerg fly in space? Magic. There's a certain point in sci-fi or fantasy where you have to just suspend disbelief and go along for the ride, and I think that the Zerg ability to travel through space is a good example of this. That said, I'd like to take a look at one of the most common explanations that people give to justify the mutalisk's ability to flap its wings and propel.

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Posts about mutas written by rooranstarcraft. Confessions of a Zerg Player. A Starcraft II Blog. Skip to content. Home; Tag Archives: mutas. ZvP Special: Roaches, zerglings and mutas. Posted on 01/03/2012 by rooranstarcraft. Hello everyone. Since I've entered the Platinum league, I've been struggling with the ZvP match-up. What used to be my best match-up in gold, when mass infestors was a. I have beat master zerg with it as well as Raine playing protoss and also beating master zergs with Mass VRs, but I've played people who know how to counter it as well as wtching pro streams and watching zergs counter them and it's not too hard. Like another poster said, mutas work well but you have to stop it before critical mass. I mean.

Gebäude gleichzeitig Mutas und Corrupter herzustellen welche Phönixe zermalmen.Ausserdem braucht Zeg ein Gebäude um zu scwitchen von Mutas auf Hydras also kann das super spntan kommen und dann kukt der Toss schon mal blöd.Âusserdem wird kein ZErg der auch nicht nur ein klizekleines bisschen Skill hat versuchen Mutas only zu spielen.Es werden immer mass Linge dabeisein die dem ZErg dann. I am a Zerg, and after a lot of sweating on battle.net I managed to get to the point where I survive with minimal losses to a number of rush waves.. My problem is that once I have enough resources to start massing advanced units I just don't know what to do!. Just as an example, lately I've been experimenting with loads of Mutas and a bunch of broodlords but getting obliterated by massed Hydras Zerg Tactics. The famous Zerg. The Zerg Rush became so popular that it is a term used even today when referring to any game where you are rushing your enemies. That swarming, rushing nature is. Zerg Builds. All vs. Terran vs. Protoss vs. Zerg. Standard 15 Hatchery opener (THE REAL ONE) ZvT / ZvP / ZvZ Easy over 5 years ago by ZvT 2 Base Muta. ZvT Medium about 7 years ago by tRio. Life's 3 base 5 hatch 11 min timing. ZvT Hard about 7 years ago by TnekKralc. 8 Pool . ZvT / ZvP / ZvZ. Last 500 Zerg Replays. Note: Each value in Message Sentiments pairs with its corresponding message in the Messages list. The sum of all the message sentiments is averaged to ascretain the overall sentiment of that player in a particular match

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The Zerg army is very good at making an opponent uncomfortable. Early lings doing light pressure, muta's harassing bases, banes burrowed somewhere on the map, the potential for an army of Infested Marines to suddenly pop up in a mineral line, burrowed roaches, and nydus canals are all really good ways of making an opponent lose their cool What's the earliest time (as in exact timing of how long it takes) a Zerg player can have mutas, and the build order to pull this stunt? Any help appreciated! starcraft-2 starcraft-zerg sc2-build-order. Share. Improve this question. Follow edited Mar 3 '11 at 5:04. Mana. 21k 30 30 gold badges 107 107 silver badges 179 179 bronze badges. asked Nov 12 '10 at 13:10. JohnIdol JohnIdol. 803 1 1. Kennt jemand ein ppar gute Zerg taktiken gegen Protoss? Hab bis jetzt jedes Spiel in der Bronze liga verloren. Ich hab es mit einer armee zerglingen versucht dann mal mit mutas oder schaben.Hat. Zergs are just ling bane herp derping it. The thing that sucks about changing your game play is that you lose a bit because you are trying to get used to the new style that could help you improve drastically. It is even more frustrating that I am losing to diamonds while doing this. I really want to get to level where diamonds are just bronze to me I hate losing to them. Posted July 1, 2012 by. Everytime a muta takes damage only one muta gets hurts. If u were clumped up they all would.like I said it's hard to explain. Easier if I just show you. As for replay, ya dude anytime. I've been an official coach for over a year. Don't worry it's free. Just add me and we can get you promoted. Oh and zerg harassment is lacking. They're not really a harrasment race. U have a few options mostly.

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  1. Wenn ihr mit den Zerg spielt und die Verteidigung des Gegners nicht übermäßig ist, setzt Mutalisken ein, am besten eine 12er Gruppe. Außerdem baut ihr noch 2 oder 3 weitere Mutas
  2. The zerg egg, also known as the zerg cocoon, is the basis of all zerg units other than larvae, post-Brood War queens and infestation units. They exist only for a short time: they are created when a larva is given an order to morph into a unit and burst to give birth to the ordered unit. Ready; Acknowledgement 1; Acknowledgement 2; Annoyance; Death; Overlord . The overlord is a versatile zerg.
  3. Zerg. Muta-ling; Lurker-ling-defiler; Ultra-ling-defiler; Hydra; Protoss. Zealot Dragoon Arbiter; Zealot Archon; Carriers; Difficulty. This project doesn't seek to perform especially well against either humans or other AIs. Advanced techniques such as those used in BWAPI are not used. This project only rewrites the internal AI scripts that Brood War uses to decide what to build next and when.

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  1. Since mutas are so important for Zerg to reach a solid map position in mid game and one of the few edges Zerg actually has in the current ZvT meta, I don't really see why terran would need a buff in that matchup. This map is not particularly terran-unfriendly otherwise, as it is pretty easy to take expansions for terran. Crimson)S(hado
  2. Basic Baneling + Mutas Details; Edit; Pending Changes (0) Players Involved. Jashann Terran; Gomera Zerg; Kasai Terran; Kasai Zerg; I think I might decide to switch to Z as a main race. T is a lot of fun early game, but I'm not happy with my lategame T, while my Z is fairly strong late game. I <3 banelings. Map: Twilight Fortress Realm: North America Game Speed: Faster Locked Alliances: Yes.
  3. The second way to go is mutas, mutas,... MUTALISKS! These are the flying units of the Zerg. They fly around and shoot glaive wurms, which bounce off of every target it hits up to a total of 3 bounces. Each bounce does 30% less damage, so 2 mutalisks (with bounce) can do the damage of 3-5 units (same damage per hit but no bounce) depending on how many times a glaive wurm bounces. The idea on.
  4. e for the mutas. You will need to use the zerglings for.
  5. Zerg versus Protoss (ZvP) (updated: December 27, 2013) If they're not ready, you can do a lot of damage by hatching a lot of Mutas at once. If you commit, though, keep the pressure on and macro hard, or else Phoenixes, Blink Stalkers, Psionic Storms, or Archons will let them get back into the game efficiently ; Roach/Hydra with Vipers or Corruptors. The primary threat to this composition.

Und beim Gegenangriff können die Zerg ohne Mutas oder Wächter, d.h. ohne Flieger, gegen eine Reihe von Belagerungspanzern nichts ausrichten. Die Zerg sind den Terranern am Boden hoffnungslos unterlegen. 2. Nachteil der Zerg gegen Terraner: Die Nuklearraketen. Die Sporenkolonien haben keine ausreichende Reichweite um die Geister z BRrrh hat geschrieben:Mutas einfach Op Sollte auf Zerg switchen! mutas = APM sink. Micro of the gods -> 500 APM. DonPitbull hat geschrieben:Seit September habe ich jetzt eine komplette Pause gehabt, weil ich unter anderem auch viel mit Kollegen aus war und den Körper meines Hundes traniert habe, als eine art Couch. Zeige Spoiler . Nach oben. Sterbehilfe TA Elite Member Beiträge: 8914. Mutas Are Bad. Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 12:38. Starcraft 2 Heart Of The Swarm Protoss & Terran vs Protoss & Zerg. Phyllis Sharp.

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Bei den Zerg ist pro Gebäude stets nur eine einzige Einheit verfügbar (Ausnahme ist der Schößling mit Muta&Corruptor), während man bei den Terranern pro Gebäude mit einem Techreaktor schon. Playing Muta against Roach. If he's going for a roach build, you might want to delay the third in favor of spines. The lings can be used to counter attack while the roaches move out and the mutas can attack the roaches while they walk across the map. McMonroe McMonroe is a 6k+ Grandmaster Zerg player on the NA and EU Ladder, currently on sloth esports. Below you can find links to his twitch. If the zerg player is doing a zergling/muta build, then I would not even bother building Colossi, instead go mass zealots/stalkers/high templar for that. If you see the zerg is going mass roaches you are actually better off just massing out immortals to take care of that. Same thing applies to ultralisks, immortals will do a better job against them than Colossi. So basically it comes down to. Zerg vs. Zerg Macro 5. Build Order . ZeuS ZvZ Muta Harass into Ling/Bane/Ultralisk. Hallo Freunde, in dieser BO möchte ich euch ein starkes ZvZ Play zeigen, wo ziehmlich gutes Macro braucht, aber kaum einer hat diesen Build schonmal gesehen. Ich selber habe diese Build selber erfunden und benutzte sie selbst im ZvT und habe gegen Master Gegner immer Erfolg. Was muss man bei dieser Build.

bei muta switch hilft mech field accelerator natürlich auch, allerdings würde ich mir erst widow mines, dann armory für thore & drilling claws holen, da zu mass mutas auch linge oder ling/bane gehört. sobald der Zerg die 4. Basis nimmt, solltest du dir tech holen, der gut gegen heavy-gas units ist: --> liberators (mit range / fusion core. Tag Archives: zerg Starcraft Diary #11: The Slump Continues. Posted on February 26, 2013 by dky1. Reply. After losing 12 of the last 14 games, I've decided to call it a night. Nothing is going right; I get crushed in macro games and my all-ins are held off. And this losing streak is not coming off a long winning streak that had boosted my MMR. I'm just getting outplayed all of a sudden. As.

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  1. Manche Zergs pumpen dann einfach massig Mutas um mit der Masse die Turrets raus zu nehmen. Wenn das passiert, ist es fast schon ein Autowin für den Terra, da Mutas in der Regel einen fight gegen Marines + Thors nicht länger als 4 Sekunden überleben (eigene Erfahrung :D). Gegen Roach + Hydras machen die Thors + Marines ebenfalls genügend Damage, da nicht genügend Banelings vorhanden sind..
  2. Um die Zergs eben besser zu verstehen, habe ich halt begonnen selber Zerg zu spielen, um Stärken und Schwächen der Zerg, vor allem gegen Protoss, ausmachen zu können. Und ich gebe offen und ehrlich zu: Gerade der Start für einen frischen Zerg Spieler ist nicht gerade einfach, zumal die Zergs als einzige Rasse auch nicht in der Kampagne spielbar sind. Sind Terraner und Protoss relativ.
  3. The Zerg, with their cheaper units, 2 for 1 deals and 3 simultaneous unit production at each Hatchery, can produce massive numbers of units. The Protoss cannot hope to match them unit for unit, however, their superior technology gives them an edge in terms of raw power per unit. The key to defeating the Zerg with Protoss lies in meticulous unit micromanagement, quick expansions (you'll need.
  4. 5:17 bk201fromdarkerthanblack: those mutas costed like 3000/3000 recourses. Morrow is unwilling to spen more than 500/0 on turrets » yes exwolf 5:18 ecwolf: nice! 5:18 chambi1: u will se toose thors doing their job » is bedautiful 5:18 bk201fromdarkerthanblack: well that was a waste of mutas 5:18 chrisjk12345: Zerg is delaying for broodlords 5:19 tschakalaka: a zerg who plays without.
  5. Throughout nearly all of StarCraft 2 Mutalisks have been the go to tier 2 tech in the Zerg vs Terran match-up. Ling, bane muta was a popular composition that had a lot of mobility for defending as well as power in their ability to counter attack and deal harassment damage. The Hydralisks was torn apart by opposing Terran bio armies, they were squishy and couldn't survive long enough to deal.
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Seite 3 von 3 - Zerg-Taktik - schrieb in Strategie (Spiele Allgemein): Hört sich interessant an... falls das ernst gemeint is und du Lust hast schreib mir mal ne Pm, würde gerne gegen dich spielen. Bin zwar nicht in den EU200 aber in den Sc2Charts um die 150 (Alle spieler aus deutschland, österreich und schweiz).Wie gesagt, falls du tatsächlich was draufhast meld dich eindfach mal =)lol. Mich würde interessieren welche die Beliebteste Rasse in Starcraft ist. Zur Zeit kommt es mir so vor als würde man fast nur auf Zerg treffen. Somit mal.. -MISSILE TURRETS!!!, unfortunately for zerg missile turrets 4ish shot mutas which is crazy. Missile turrets rape mutas. One trick for muta micro.. if you have 4 mutas you can kill a turret but all of your mutas will be hurt afterward. As soon as you see a muta take damage from the turret select it and run out of range, then immediately select the group and start retreating the next muta.

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Schnellzugriff. Foren-Übersicht Strategiespiele-Zone Weitere Strategiespiele StarCraft II; Abmelden; Registrieren; Strategie-Zone.de. Zum Inhal Zerg Build Orders. I've seen a lot of people asking about Zerg build orders lately. Especially zerg build orders that take me into the mid game. I used to spend a lot of time looking for zerg build orders, until I realized that: A) they don't really exist and B) you don't need them. Let me explain. Beyond things like the 6 pool, the bane bust, and the 7 roach rush there really aren. There was mutas in that game! How can zergs survive without mutas!? I'll just show you the most important move in that game! Then all the tanks died because all the marines were waiting mutas to come back at Sarens's 2nd base. 3rd game : replay Xel'Naga Caverns : MoMaN had so much economy but Siege tanks and marauders were happy to see only roachs! Lifted! 4th game : replay I'll. Zerg cant possibly beat any of this unless got help from allies and an early lead... even though you got early lead there is a high possibility that terran will stack late game and will murder you anyway again if he knows what to do... unless your ally knows how to kill it instead of you... you most probably need an early cheese to take terran off guard early...like making land units first and.

Lets get a thread going about the loss of Mutas in ZvP no

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StarCraft 2: Pläne zu Patch 1.2 - Bugfixes, Balancing und E-Sport. 27.09.2010 um 11:42 Uhr von Peter Greza - Patch 1.1 für StarCraft 2 ist kaum erschienen, da werkelt Blizzard bereits am. Ich habe nach dem letzten Patch (kommt mir zumindestens so vor) doch massivere Probleme wenn ich gegen Zerg spiele. Erstmal tauchen erheblich mehr.. Note: In any case, no Zerg opponent will ever mass produce Queens, so you shouldn't build the above units specifically to counter 1 or 2 Queens. However, it's still good to know what units work best against them. Back to the Top . Best Terran Counters vs Hydralisks . 1. Siege Tanks - Easily the best counter to Hydralisks. While in Siege Mode, tanks can kill several Hydralisks with only two.

Being a zerg you need to have very good map awarness. Spread your overlords, put lings on attack paths, and keep your mutas active. The key is knowing where and when the Terran is going to attack you. If you know this you can do all the difficult micro before an engagment. Spread out in a big ring around a good open spot on creep and attack as soon as the Terran walks into the ambush.. Just keep pumping mutas. Mass Mutas are One of the best Zerg attack forces at the present moment. Examples Here's a video of how to achieve fast Mutas courtesy of ForceSC2 Here's a video on Mutas by Love4Starcraft showing ways you can use the mutalisks. TACTICS As you can see there are a few ways to use the mutalisks. And as you can see the Magic Box with Focus Fire is the most effective way. Zerg strategies, Protoss Strategies, Terran Strategies, 1v1 tips, 2v2 tips, experiences on the ladder, etc. Saturday, March 5, 2011. Know Your Zerg - Spotlight on Mutalisks Here is some key information on Mutalisks. All information relevant as of patch 1.3: Are Surprisingly Good Against: Void Rays: equal numbers of mutas will kill a nearly equal numbers of Void Rays. Void Rays cannot escape. Zerg Samurai vs. Ling/Bane/Muta. Post author: admin; Post published: November 6, 2020; Post category: Videos; Post comments: 0 Comments; Please Share This Share this content. Opens in a new window; Opens in a new window; Opens in a new window; Opens in a new window; Opens in a new window; Opens in a new window ; Opens in a new window; Opens in a new window; Opens in a new window; Opens in a.

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zerg Mutalisk rush First of all, employing the tactic of Zerg Mutalisk Rush against the Terran is the least effective any mutalisk rush could ever be most especially against the Marines. However, against any Zerg player or any Protoss player, you have a big change to toppling down any enemy while they are on early expansion. Word of advice, if you already have your Mutalisks ready, go ahead. Also, The popular build of Slings/Blings/Mutas works a LOT better than pure Slings/Blings even if your enemy is going mass marines and marines alone, which doesn't make sense. You'll still win with banelings alone, but with mutas it seems to work even better). Why does this happen? Zerg units don't have forced synergies, like MMM (anti air/light + anti armor/building + heals). And many will. I'm not much of a zerg player myself, so take my opinions on zerg units with a massive grain of salt. Mutalisk: you can do a fairly dangerous air rush with these, but IMO don't do it vs Protoss, Archons can eat two waves of Mutas of near equivalent cost back to back. They are also useful fodders vs heavy air, but you are gambling with your limited air space. Roach: in my experience they are. Wiederholt auf Spire, damit er dich nicht mit mutas tötet, während du Koloss machst. Denken Sie daran, Stephano prägte die 11 Minuten Roach Max also 133 Versorgung bei 12 Minuten ist nicht so groß. Du machst irgendwelche Makrofehler, wenn du nur bei 92 Versorgungsmaterial um 12 Minuten bist. Die einzige Ausnahme, die ich mir vorstellen kann, ist, wenn Sie eine super frühe dritte Basis. Also, as I'm not a zerg myself I can't really give a more detailed way how to follow up this rush, you simply have to learn when to stop and start adapting to what your opponent player does. For example if he's going air, you need hydras or mutas. If he's walling off and you can't break through, either fast expand or get banelings will do it and so on. This will work well in bronze.

I watched it, finding it not very useful as I didn't even play Zerg, but now it does come in handy. For ZvT I go hatch first into 3-hatch-muta, ling/bling/muta style. For ZvP, I either ling/muta or roach/infestor, depending on his army composition. From what I've noticed, Brood Lords, Zerglings, Banelings, and Mutaliskspretty good units Hydra/Lurker lacks the mobility, harassment potential, and fast Hive tech of the highly-optimized and theoretical Muta/Ling openings. In exchange, Zerg has a non-standard army composition which can potentially throw Terran off balance and force errors. In essence, the Zerg is adopting a weaker unit composition for a chance at dealing damage Zerg Discussion. MystiKasT-1354 7 November 2019 21:13.

ZvZ (made by 8882) 56 rounds of Zerg vs Zerg control, including muta vs muta, muta vs scourge, muta vs queen/devourer, mutalisks vs tsunami build (hydraling) + some fun rounds like storm dodging Grobyc's Micro Maps. PvZ This map is for practicing busting zerg expos consisting of spore sunken lurker scourge for the most part. There is a section where you can create an enemy zerg flying army to. Zerg Swarm vs Confederacy of Independent SystemsZerg Swarm ArmyInfantry 300 Zerglings 200 Infested Terran150 Roaches 150 Hydralisks 10 Mutalisk1 Zerg 1v1 Zerg 5Roach Rush (vs.Protoss) @Spire 100%: 5 Mutas (or as many as you can) 2 Base Muta. 9 Overlord 14 Extractor[1] (3 Drones asap) 14 Spawning Pool 15 Overlord 16 Queen (@100 ) Metabolic Boost (Remove 2 drones from gas) * 18 2 pairs of Zerglings 20 Hatchery[2] (3 drones on gas) (@100% Queen) Queen[2] * 24 Overlord (@100 ) Lair, Gas[2] (@100% Lair) Spire (@100 ) Overseer * ZvT - Nydus.

Como jugar a mutas en el Zerg vs Zerg (HotS) - YouTubeMutalisk (Concept) - Giant BombA puro muta causa ! / Camapaña zerg cap 2 - YouTubeHotS: ZvZ Build 2 Base Mutalisk - Zerg Strategy - YouTube

Another Zerg mission with super mutas. The key thing here is to not lose any unit early on, so you need to play a bit careful and bait the enemy units with the Guardians. Improved by 1 minute and 25 seconds. Bonus - Dark Origin. To be honest, I had never seen this mission before (credit to Blizzard for hiding it so well). I copied Spider-Waffle's 0:57 strategy but only managed to get 0:58. I've been anxious of the names of certain Zerg units like the Roach, Infestor and Ultralisk could have brought up at least a more define alias. Roach... Log in or Sign up . StarCraft Forum. Forums > Starcraft 2 Forum > StarCraft Units and Structures > Zerg > Zerg Names. Discussion in 'Zerg' started by RaiseTheFlag, Oct 16, 2009. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Zerg Names. Discussion in 'Zerg' started. Zerg 1v1 strat: Preamble: Diamond level zerg play will ultimately reduce into an early mass ling or lingbling game. 2 Possible Openings: Hopefully, you have a good 500-600 gas saved up and as long as you keep the threat of mutas beating down on his mineral line, he'll be forced to keep a few hydras back and he won't be able to push. Get to mass mutas asap and start that harass. If your. Zerg Tips - SC2. Started by Hardcore, November 14, 2010, 05:25:53 PM. Previous topic - Next topic. Print. Go Down Pages 1 2. User actions. Hardcore. Sub silentio; This Man Has No Life; Posts: 1,136; Logged; Zerg Tips - SC2. November 14, 2010, 05:25:53 PM. I don't know how many people we have here that actually play Zerg as a main race- but even if you don't, i'd love to hear some tips on. SC2:LotV 1v1 Master League Zerg Ladder Games #32 [ZvZ] [SC2 LotV] ZvZ Mutas into Viper Parasitic Bomb. Saved by Star Ithm Star Ith Zerg gegen KI Extreme mode - schrieb in Strategie (Spiele Allgemein): Ich spiel SC2 seit etwa. 2 wochen. bevor ich Rang listen spiel hab ich mir gedacht das erst gegen KI spielen soll um die zerg fahigkeiten zu lernen. Hier ist meine problem. im Schwer modus kein problem gewinn ich immer. im Hard modus so 50/50 im Extreme modus hab ich überhaupt kein chance

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